nXtreme is a company that is strongly committed to working in partnership with it's clients, to achieve measurable business values and benefits.

The current economic climate has created new and increased sets of business pressures. Companies need to improve their business processes and workflows to help them:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Improve their customer relationship and retention management
  • Rapidly bring new services to market to remain competitive
In order for companies to achieve their business objectives they need to improve their IT systems and infrastructure. nXtreme helps such companies meet their business goals by providing:
  • Rapid iterative solutions that build increasing business value
  • Low cost solutions both in terms of development and operational costs
  • Projects with shared risk between supplier and client
  • Solutions that are:
    • Vendor independent
    • Improve the integration of existing systems to increase efficiencies and add business value
    • Use open technologies, which are the best of breed of open source and commercial software
  • Most importantly seek to understand the unique issues which the companies face and address those issues, rather than provide cookie-cutter solutions
nXtreme delivers an exceptional level of service and expertise, at a cost few can match. We offer this level of service by having low overheads through effective remote working infrastructures and practices. We also use open technologies to provide lower cost, industrial strength, enterprise solutions.

nXtreme’s leadership has over the past 10 years worked with some of the worlds largest consultancies and provided solutions to blue chip clients including:

  • BT, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, Securicor, News Corporation, United Business Media, JP Morgan, ABN AMRO, LCH, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank, CNCA, Telia AB, Swisscom, PWC, and Psion
Through constant communication and customer involvement, in an open and trusting environment, we deliver solutions that meet business needs and add business value.