nXtreme provides powerful solutions that meet genuine industry needs. All of the following products have been produced from client projects.

myebms is a world class, industrial strength, enterprise wide, event booking and event management solution. myebms' architecture enables an organisation of any size, to manage any type of event, from training courses, meetings, seminars, through to outdoor activities.

myebms has been built to alleviate event management issues, increase efficiencies and productivity, whilst still offering an incredibly low cost of ownership compared to our competitors!

Please visit www.myebms.com for further information.

Eureka provides businesses with a unique opportunity to measurably improve relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, and at the same time, gain new ideas on how to improve practically every aspect of their business.

Often businesses fail to really listen and understand. Eureka provides a solution whereby you can gain honest, accurate feedback and ideas, at every level: from your employees, customers and suppliers.

Making the human aspect of your business as important as the financial or technical aspect will provide incredible benefits. When a business listens, it learns and therefore improves. By providing a mechanism to enable a business' employees, customers and suppliers to have direct input Eureka provides you the ability to inspire loyalty and commitment.

For more information on how Eureka can help you, contact us today for a demo!

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
DAM provides animation studios with the ability to manage and share their digital assets (base assets, textures, shots, sequences, etc.) during the production process. DAM also manages the workflow process that is used to verify and authorise scenes of the movie submitted by the production studios. The system is built on J2EE compliant architecture utilising technologies such as JSP, Apache Tomcat and mySQL database.

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RSVP is an outstanding web enabled campaign management system. RSVP enables businesses to build up their contacts database, and define and execute effective campaigns via SMS and email. The system supports the ability to define your own event invitation web pages, so that any clientele can respond to campaigns through the internet by accessing the invitation web site.

The RSVP system is built using Java technology, which integrates with any appropriate SMS and Email gateway. When campaigns are generated and dispatched to customers, the system pushes out the messages that support the campaign to the necessary gateway and if appropriate pulls incoming responses back into the system, so that business intelligence increase with every campaign generated.

The RSVP system does not compromise on security. All web operations and message flows are data encrypted along with strong application security required in the form of username and password to administer the system. The system can also ensure that only invited guests access any generated campaign web pages as appropriate.

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